The Best Parks to Camp In

You will certainly find a lot of articles about choosing the best parks in every part of the world. There are just too many parks and almost all of them are great to visit. However, if you want to go for an exciting camping with your friends and families, you might find it hard to find some tips and ideas about the best kind of parks to camp in.


In that case, rather than talking much about the best parks in all parts of the world, let’s talk about how to know if the park is the best one for you. Is it the perfect camp site? Does it go with the kind of camping adventure that you’re up to? Or is it safe for everyone?

Selection Process

The Northstar Camping always provides better ideas about how to have the ever. The number one on their list is to find the best camping site. In this case, finding the most conducive park. Since there might be a lot of nature parks in the UK, it is important that you know how to rate each in order to know which one is the best for you.

The first thing to consider is the safety and security around the area. This is very important especially if you have little kids that you can’t keep your eyes on at all times. You need to be sure that you all are protected. For instance, are there tall trees around? Boulders or any body of water that might cause any unexpected incident. A perfect site is where the ground is relatively flat and clear.

Another factor in your selection process is the feel and ambiance of the place. It should be somewhere relaxing, close to nature and far from the usual city life that you have, full of toxics and stress. Parks obviously have lots to offer when it comes to cool and relaxing view. Pick which scenic views appeal to you most. Do you like seeing animals? Or just breathe clean and fresh arid under the trees?

Finally, it should be somewhere where you’ve got a lot of opportunities for some great fun activities. It should be very conducive for some sporting events that let you play soccer, baseball and all other exciting games. You definitely don’t intend to stay inside your tent the entire day. Right?

Additional Info

camping-site2In order to help you further in making your own selection and decision process, following are some of the top choices for the best parks in the UK for the record.

  • Troytown Campsite in St Agnes, Isles of Scilly
  • The Secret Campsite in Barcombe, East Sussex
  • Hooks House Farm in Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire
  • Newgale in Pembrokeshire
  • Caolasnacon in Kinlochleven, Argyll

On your next camping adventure, make sure to add them on your list. And don’t forget to make a complete list of all the things that you need to prepare in order to have the best and the most reliable camping adventure in a park.


How to Safely Target Practice with Your Pellet Gun

Safety is always the main factor when it comes to guns. You definitely don’t want to compromise your own self or even your loved ones. When you own a pellet gun, your responsibility as a gun owner is obviously not that far as owning a real one.


Pellet guns may not be as deadly as the real guns, but it can certainly impose danger and damages at some instance. Thus, if you are planning to utilize your backyard for some good target practice range, you need to make sure that you think of safety above all.

Safety is a Priority

As much as you wanted to be the best shooter or hunter, you also wanted to be the best person by making that you don’t hurt anyone or even yourself in the process. If you decide to put up your own pellet gun firing and target range at home, there are several things that you need to consider.

First is the distance of the area from your own home or from the neighbors. For a pellet gun, the most ideal distance of the range is around 10 meters. The Pellet Gun Guru always reminds us about ricochets. That often can be harmful than the real shot. That’s why it’s pretty much important to give about 10 meters distance from the firing line.

target2Next is to make sure about putting up some traps and back boards to protect the surrounding areas protected. It’s like a literal range enclosure. I mean, lead pellets knows know direction. One miss and you might hit someone. But still, it would always boil down on how powerful your pellet gun is. To be safe, setting your pellet gun to 600 fps and below is a great idea.

Target Shooting Practice

Improving your target shooting accuracy is such a great and a challenging idea, especially if you are into hunting. You need to make sure that you can hit your target right. However, there also several things that you might want to consider if you really wanted to be the best in target shooting without compromising safety.

One is using a good scope. As long as you have the best scope to use, there’s no big reason to miss your target. As a result, no more stray lead pellets to fear about. Take note though that there are too many scopes available in the market, you just have to spend some time in finding the best one.

Another thing is using the best quality pellets. This might not be as important for many, but hey, there’s a big difference on the way you fire. Some pellets are of low quality affecting your rate of fire. The best ones are obviously the ones manufactured by trusted companies.

One more tip, if you decide to setup a firing range outside or in a different location, make sure to check out if you need to acquire some permits. Remember, you aren’t holding a real gun, but pellet guns are also covered with some laws and prohibitions that might put you on jeopardy.


Lightweight Hunting Gear

A set of lightweight hunting gear should contain the most important things and only the essential to make sure that your endurance won’t suffer too much. Without further ado, let’s find out what a lightweight hunting gear should contain.


Probably all mountain backpack hunting involves the use of a rifle, then lightweight scopes should be on your list. One of the best scope for this job is the Leupold VXIII 2.5-8×32 with the CDS turret. It’s lightweight and comes with plenty of magnification for any reasonable range.


Any hunter knows that a knife is a basic tool that essential for any kind of hunting trip. This is a requirement, so don’t forget to bring one. As for the choice, the Havalon Piranta comes with a razor sharp and easily replaceable blade. It’s very lightweight and it can cut a lot of different things with ease.


Quality boots is a very important part of any hunting trip. Boots can protect your feet from blisters or beat ups that can end a hunting trip immediately. If it’s worse, it can even prevent you from going hunting ever again. Good boots are expensive, but you always get what you pay for. Fast rock piles and sharp shale will destroy a cheap pair of boots, effectively injuring you.

First Aid Kit

Being always prepared is an essential part of hunting. You must always be prepared to deal with whatever you might encounter. The following should be the contents of your first aid kit:

  • Hand sanitizer – for sterilization and cleaning hands before meals
  • Lip balm & sun screen – protection against the sun
  • Lotion or sports balm – helps conditions like chapped skin and chafing
  • Latex gloves – sanitation when dealing with bodily fluids
  • Pain relievers – help reduce pain and swelling
  • Antidiarrheal pills – for upset stomach
  • Allergy medication – good for severe allergic reactions
  • Band-aids – for securing cuts
  • Gauze pads – for covering larger scrapes

Those items can be considered as essential contents of a first aid pack but feel free to add your own set of medications. Alternately, you can easily buy a premade first aid kit from drugstores.

Sleeping System

A sleeping system consists of some kind of a shelter like tents, sleeping bag and sleeping pads. If you’re doing a solo hunting, a sleeping bag, bivy sack and a sleeping bad can be a perfect combination. If you are going to hunt with a group, a tent is a perfect sleeping system for you. However, you don’t need to bring a sleeping system if you’re going to hunt for less than a day, but it’s always a good idea bring to bring on just in case.

The Best Watches for Hiking

Take it from the seasoned hikers. They all know how important it is to carry the necessary tools and equipment with them. One way or another, it had helped them to have a safer and a less stressful hiking adventure. That’s the main reason why you need to make proper planning and preparation before you go out in the wild for a hike.


One important tool that can aid you all the way is a watch. Don’t underestimate the power of wearing the best watch for hiking. Unlike the usual and fashionable watches that you knew, these watches are designed with the purpose of helping outdoor enthusiasts and withstand all the odds of the outdoors.


Far from normal sport watches, these watches for hiking have additional and more advanced features and capabilities. All these features will aid the hikers when they’re outside. One is, it should have a reliable GPS feature. That will guide you through and will be able to create a record of your location in case you get yourself in trouble.

Best hiking watches should also have other features that can serve as a barometer, thermometer and an altimeter. These watches have built in sensors that will give you the data that you need about the location that you’re in. It should be able to measure how high you have climbed in case you want it for the record.

It should also be water resistant, durable and have longer battery life. Since you’ll be using it outdoors more often, it should be able to work even if the weather changes. Some latest watches are also packed with music playback that will keep you entertained every step of the way.

Best Options

Watches for hiking can be categorized according to brand, features, design and most of all, the price. Here are some of the best watches for hiking that you might want to consider.

Casio Men’s PRW-2500T-7CR Pro Trek

This is considered as one tough solar digital watch. It’s one of the best watches for hiking since it has all the capabilities that hikers need. It has a digital compass, an altimeter, a barometer and a thermometer. It’s also cost effective for those who are looking for cheaper options.

 Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire

It was foreseen to be as one of the best watches in 2016. A highly digital watch with high resolution display. Beside it as being water resistant, it’s also scratch-resistant because of its sapphire glass. It is such an awesome piece of equipment that you can wear when hiking.


Suunto Ambit 3

This watch belongs to the line of the best hiking watches. It works perfectly for many kinds of outdoor extreme activities. It was extremely durable, with superb navigation and tracking capabilities. This is one of the best choices of many hikers.


There are too many watches on the market. You just have to pick the ones that work for your needs. Remember, not all watches are alike. They vary in many aspects such as durability, quality and features. Start making comparison and know which one suits you.



While visiting Wales, samples its national parks, they have a lot to offer


A holiday in Wales is never complete without visiting the country’s National Parks which are some of finest and largest in the world. These parks offer the visitors the rare opportunity to enjoy vast open green spaces that are characteristic of this great country.

Indeed, some of these parks have played host to dozens of smash hit movies and TV shows, including Harry Potter & the deathly Hallows whose location was Pembrokeshire Coast National park. So was 2010 hit Robin Hood, whose fresh water west at sunset was shot in the same park. In addition, BBC’s medieval fantasy TV show Camelot shot at Brecon Beacons National Park. This list is endless.

This brings us to the country’s three famous of national parks of Snowdonia, Pembrokeshire, and Brecon Beacons national parks that are worth visiting while in Wales. The three national parks hog roughly about 4122 square kilometers between themselves, representing some 20 percent of Wales land area. The three parks pride themselves some magnificent terrain and abundance wildlife.


Established in 1951, Snowdonia the oldest and the biggest of the three national parks is a mountaineering haven and destination. This is where you find Snowdon, the country’s tallest peak and largest natural lake. With well over 90 spectacular peaks with remarkable backdrops, the park is the prime location for those wishing to conquer Mt. Everest. This is where they cut their teeth before the big climb.

Brecon Beacons

This is where you find the epitome of country lifestyle in addition to its ancient landscape. Here you can enjoy panoramic sceneries of huge sandstone bluffs that are over 470 million years. Add some breathtaking valleys and lakes that were formed during the ice age epoch and your vacation in Wales is almost done. If you are a walking enthusiast, the park offers various routes. Other activities include stargazing as its skyline offers unadulterated dark skies. Water sports and activities such kayaking, canoeing, caving, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, and gliding are hugely popular.


Pembrokeshire is the perfect setting for coastal walking holidays thanks to a coastline that is littered with over 1000 kilometers of footpaths and bridleways, the park is the perfect place to visit. The sight of the sun setting on the horizon is simply stunning. The park is also home to the Crew Castle found in one of the park’s many offshore islands is some 2000 years old. The many beaches, including Aber Mawr, and St Brides Haven are perfect for game watching and water sports and other activities such as diving, fishing, and snorkeling.

Yorkshire Dales

The Dales National Park situated in Yorkshire is blessed with different landscapes, from open pastures to peaks. In the open fields, you will find wildflowers, moors, and flourishing woodland.

Exmoor Exmoor

If there are pretty parks, then Exmoor Exmoor which is in both Devon and Somerset is. The park is littered with different landscapes from rugged rock valleys to sandy beaches. Ancient villages are also found here.


Northumberland National Park is located on the border of England and Scotland. The Hadrian’s Wall, purportedly built by the Romans some 2,000 years ago is the most ancient and attractive feature to see.